SPQR Chef Matthew Accarrino: On the Road


                   While Chef Matthew Accarrino from SPQR is a first timer at the helm, (Executive Chef) he’s no Rookie QB.
The sometimes shy under the bright lights, Chef Accarrino is very well qualified to become a great one. Acquiring the passion for food from his grandmother, while getting in trouble as a youth, he decided then what he wanted to do. A CIA trained Chef, he immersed himself in the culinary world on a chefs tour sponging techniques and guidance from star chefs such as Thomas Keller from the celebrated Napa restaurant, French Laundry. As well as Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and the culinary empire he has built. The road of the patient Chef Accarrino has been a world tour in a food lover’s paradise. He has paid his dues working long hours and learned the discipline that it takes to be great. With a farm to table mindset, not letting anything go to waste, keeping it local and of course finding humility in yelp, he has a profound passion for the culinary arts.

During the tasting and interview set forth by Studio Gourmet, the innovative technical chef used a strange utensil. A four twenty device (well known in these parts), he smoked a beautiful succulent Golden trout in a matter of minutes… Ingenious. The fish was buttery, with a subtle smoky, and herbaceous taste. The Idaho Trout melted in my mouth teaming up with the most delicious fingerling potatoes, dipped in a shallot based sauce brought out the fish’s story. A tricky way of playing with our emotions. He gave us all in the room the “Wow” factor, and left us wanting more.

       New Jersey to New York, Italy to Chicago, L.A. To San Francisco, Chef Accarrino is well traveled. He knows what it takes to become a great, and much more. Subtle, and forthcoming with his ingredients, the Chef realizes the true star in the room at all times is… The food!


1911 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 771-7779


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