East Bay Brew Fest

Another great event under our belts! East Bay Brew Fest at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley was yet another SF Beer Week sold out event. Fantastic Tour with the Pyramid Brewers Paul, & Andrew tasting the process along with the very best, and highest quality beer one can consume… The Bright tank is where it’s at. The freshest, most delicious time to consume the new drink of the gods. Thanks to many, including Ashley Routson aka “The Beer Wench” for the voice of a movement and leading a new term, “Beer Mixology” where beer is mixed with spirits, (a must try!) for anyone who’s thirsty! SF Beer Week is steaming along with a 3 day weekend worth of events. Thanks to Brian Stechshulte (Communications Director) for making this years festivities a success. On we roll to the next event, tonight at Devil Canyon Brewery in Belmont, Ca
Stay Tuned for SF Beer week video cap next week!